Monday, September 7, 2009

Roadside Walking

we have a habit of walking,either in the morning before school or in the evening before bed....
so on sunday evening we took our little walk and Krissa bought the camera along...
guess these red leaves mean fall is on its way...where did the summer go?? school has been back in session for about a month now but I'm not ready for the cold weather that is sure to come before long...our summer has been unseasonably cool this year with lots of rain...
so anyway, thought I'd share these pics with you

seasons are just another one of those things we have no control over,they come and pass
as they are meant to and no amount of wishing can change that...guess I'd better start hunting out those sweaters and find that rake!! and I'll think about the good things in fall, like raking up all those leaves into one huge pile so the kiddies can jump in and play!! I can remember when that was the funnest thing around, I loved jumping in those leaves. Ahhh,but that was when I was a whole lot younger and a whole lot lighter!! LOL.
Thanks for stopping in and have a great week.

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