Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fitchburg Furnace

krissa's 4-h photography group took a trip to fitchburg furnace this past weekend, you can click here to read more about fitchburg thought I'd share a few pics with you of the trip....odd how you can live so close to some historic landmark and have never visited it,that was the case with me...

our group of 4-h's really enjoyed the trip and took lots of pics,with lotssss of walking

don't you just love that quilt block painted on the old barn...that's a big thing in this neck of the woods, I have plans to put one on the side of our garage but haven't got it started yet....

wonderful scenery every which way you looked...

and my fav pic of the day, I love the old historic stuff but the family time together was great!!

I have to admit that I was wiped out when we left,all the walking and climbing and traisping thru the woods was great but my old body is to out of shape for much of it....of course the kiddies didn't seem tired at all!!

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of our day, and if you are interested just check out the link above to read about the history of fitchburg furnace.
P.S. To all the family and fans of Patrick Swayze, we suffered a terrible loss a couple of days ago....his illness finally won and tho he fought hard to stay with us at least he is no longer in pain....I never met him but would have loved to....I could watch his movies time and again and never get tired of them....krissa,who is 10, loves some of his movies too....they just had an appeal that had no age limits attached....My prayers are for his family, to have the strength to go on without him....and for Patrick-I hope you know you brightened the day for many of us with your movies.
Take care everyone.

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  1. Enjoyed the little trip with you honey, Thanks for sharing.